Our uniform policy seeks to 

  • Promote a sense of pride in the school 
  • Be practical, smart and affordable
  • Identify pupils of the school and engenders a sense of community and belonging
  • Promote equality amongst the students in terms of appearance 

Uniform Requirements


  • Green gingham dresses or school grey skirts/trousers/pinafore dresses 
  • White polo shirt/blouse
  • Emerald green sweat shirts/cardigans
  • White socks/grey tights


  • School grey trousers (short or long)
  • White polo shirts/shirts
  • Emerald green sweat shirts
  • Black/grey socks 



We ask that all children wear sensible black shoes. Please do not send your child to school in fashion shoes or boots. Boots are defined as shoes covering the ankle bone and above. [If children need to wear different footwear because of a medical reason then evidence does need to be provided.]

Trainers, baseball boots and lightweight canvas shoes of any colour are also unacceptable. 

Wellington Boots may be worn in wet weather, but please ensure that your child has another pair of shoes to change into on arrival at school. 

Physical Education and Sports

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Emerald green or black shorts
  • Black plimsoles (preferably with elastic fronts rather than laces for infant children)
  • Lightweight trainers (optional for outdoors in wet weather)
  • Grey/black  ‘fleecy’ tracksuit for colder weather  

All the above should be stored in a clearly named drawstring bag to be kept at school. (There is no room in cloakrooms for sports bags.)

Children are not permitted (in line with Health and Safety guidelines) to wear earrings for PE and these have to be removed by the child.  


Click on the link for the Uniform Order Form http://notleygreen.essex.sch.uk/sites/default/files/attachments/FoNGS%20...