Year 4 Academic Year 2017-2018

This year, year four have done lots of exciting learning to expand their minds. We participated in Healthy Living Week where we learnt about diets and joined in with a variety of interesting sports. We also enjoyed Performing Arts Day, where we sang, danced and read a poem about a girl with an excellent growth mindset.
This year in theme, we have learnt about India and Peter Pan, which included a trip to the zoo. In the Autumn term, we had a greek experience day, where we took part in making lots of ancient greek artefacts. As part of the Peter Pan theme, we made Peter Pan Poetry and hats.  We even got to set up a pop up shop to sell the hats and books to customer’s on Performing Arts Day.
In maths, we have been learning about many different topics like coordinates, angles and rounding. We have also practised the column method for addition and subtraction and the short method for division. In the Spring term, we learnt about fractions and decimals and how to convert between them. In maths, there are lots of questions, some are easy and some are hard.
ReflectEd is to discover how we learn and how to measure success. During maths and English lessons, we use the performance colours to reflect on our learning and explain what went well and what we can do to improve next time.
This year, we have learnt about clauses and expanded noun phrases. We wrote a speech to encourage people to reduce litter and save the environment. In the Spring term, we created posters and fact files about endangered animals and wrote letters to different companies to persuade them to help conserve the species.
In science, we have been doing lots of exciting experiments, such as a home made digestive system and going to the nature garden on a bug hunt. The hunt was really interesting, as we found a colony of ants and their eggs.
In French, we used a variety of vocabulary to describe the clothes in Peter Pan. We learnt and performed a play about the Three Little Pigs and had to use our excellent speaking skills. We also designed our own ‘perfect pencil case’ and labelled it in French.
In conclusion, we have been doing lots of exciting and fun activities in Year 4 and are now starting again in Year 5.