Year 4 Science Morning

Science morning in year 4 began with a trip to Mars! We looked at scientific theories about whether life existed on the Red Planet. As scientists are still debating this theory, we took it upon ourselves to investigate further. We used samples of soil from Mars and tested it to see if they contained bacteria. First, we put our samples in a transparent bag (to ensure we could observe the results). Then we added sugar, to give any present bacteria some nutrients to survive. After that, we added water to our bags (because scientists say that water is the most important thing for living organisms). We mixed the ingredients together and left the bag to rest on the table for five minutes. During this time, we discussed whether we thought there was life on other planets, including whether there was life in other galaxies. We were very surprised to learn that there are approximately 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Not only this, but each galaxy has between 200-400 billion stars!

Once we had left our samples for five minutes, we observed the results. We were looking for the bags to fill with gas, if there were microorganisms present, because they would be respiring. We discovered that sample B had organisms in, as the bags had begun to inflate.

By Year 4 Scientists