Year 4 Roman Day

On the 17th October, Year 4 had the most exquisite day. We has a visitor from a company called History off The Page, he taught us about the Romans. We dressed up in remarkable Roman costumes and excitedly walked to the main hall where the fun began. Claudius explained what us Romans were going to do during the day.

First, he told us a story about Roman soliders’ life in Britian. After that, we explored the tables with the interesting equipment on them. There were lots of different activities to do including making mosaics, creating our own medicine, squeezing olives to make oil for Roman lamps and cleaning ourselves with scented oils. Claudius had a stick which he banged on the table to get our attention. It was known as the Gladium. During the morning, we were chosen to join the army and act out drills.

In the afternoon, we went in groups to learn shows, stories and dances. Then, we had a feast to celebrate the Romans’ beating Boudicca. We watched everyone’s performances and then the slaves served us bread and fruit.


It was a very interesting day and we wish he could come back again.


Recount written by Madison and Sofie