School Learning Council


At Notley Green we value the voices of our children; therefore, the school council is seen as an integral part of the school community.  Members are voted for within classrooms, with the key roles, such as Chairman or Secretary, then being decided by the council themselves. Over the course of a year they take on a variety of issues.  Some of these will arise from the pupil community whilst others will be set by the senior leadership team.  This year, the council has begun by organising charity events within the local community and for 'Children in Need'; they will then continue the work that the previous council completed on planning for and raising money for a new sensory garden and reading area for the playground.  Between each meeting the class representatives run class councils to ensure that all children within the school feel that they have a voice and also experience democracy first hand.  This helps to not only develop their sense of responsibility but also teaches children about British values: the importance of democracy and the importance of considering different people's thoughts and feelings.