Year 3 Academic Year

Our year by Sofie and Amelie

In Autumn Term I enjoyed going to Great Notley woods while gathering twigs, moss and leaves for our models. We created beautiful Stone Age homes out of clay and then collected natural materials. During our Stone Age topic, we also created exquisite Stone Age necklaces out of salt dough.  We did this on newspaper so things didn’t get messy. The most remarkable part of our Stone Age topic was when Braintree Museum came in and we were archaeologists for the day learning all about Neanderthals and how they hunted.

In Spring Term, we were learning about Peter Pan so the whole school went to Cineworld to watch the theatrical video of Peter Pan. After that we created our own pop-up books using lots of different pop-ups which we later sold in our own shops 3BH Smiths and 3B’s R Us.

During Summer Term we were learning about South Africa. We used bright colours to create a beautiful sunset painting and we also used pastels and pencils to create a volcano masterpiece. Before the exciting arrival of this year’s Performing Arts Festival we needed a song, a poem and a dance. Happily, our teachers found a song by Shakira, made when South Africa hosted the world cup in 2010, this is called Waka Waka.

Teacher’s Comments:

 Year 3 have had an amazing year and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the children and we are all proud of their fantastic efforts.

Thank you to all parents, grandparent’s, aunties and uncles for all of your support this year and we hope you all have a lovely summer break.





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